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Preparing for Photos

Preparing for Photos

​​Selling a home is no small undertaking and can be pretty stressful! To help ease that burden, I have compiled a list of things you can do to prepare for the photographer's arrival:

  • Turn on all the lights and replace any burned-out lightbulbs. 

  • Open the curtains and let in the natural light. If the view is, in your opinion, less than ideal, think about using a sheer curtain or keeping the blinds down but open.

  • Remove clutter off the counters: Cutting boards, kitchen cleaners, corded phones, or small appliances should be stored away. Cookbooks, high-end oil or spices, decor items, etc., are okay.

  • Tuck away remotes, toys, and any electronics that are not a part of the decor. 

  • Remove everything off the fridge; magnets, photos, recipes, etc.

  • Hide garbage cans.

  • Most bath/kitchen mats will hide the flooring; move them out of sight.

  • Hide laundry, personal items, and ongoing projects in places buyers won't see: Tissue boxes/holders, medications, and cleaning supplies (soaps and lotions, shampoo, body wash, etc., including items in the shower stall and around the bathtub) 

  • Remove any family photos that you do not want to share.

  • Make every bed and fluff pillows.

It's okay for the home to look "lived in," to an extent; We want the buyers to imagine themselves and their things in your space, which may be difficult when someone else so clearly "lives" there. Our ultimate goal is to have magazine-quality photos! 

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