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Amy has evolved the industry-standard yard sign into a technology-rich, "buy me" beacon! For every neighbor, boater, or general passersby the sign provides access to all the information needed for a fly-by sale; by using a special rider (sign) that allows users to send a simple text and gain access to fast and comprehensive information about the property.

Yard Sign

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Some properties benefit from drone photography and video that work to showcase the home and the property it sits on, naturally creating dramatic, compelling images that have proved highly effective in attracting buyers. Highlighting important selling features including landscaping, pool, or a local amenity like a public beach or playground assist in captivating buyers, showing them exactly why your home is the home for them.

Drone Photography

and Video


Real estate magazines are one of the most effective ways forAmy to tap into a captive audience of potential clients. While social media provides a wealth of resources and opportunities to connect, it lacks the hyper-targeted content focus that real estate magazines have for buyers and investors.



With buyers spending more time online than perusing the local paper's listings, Amy  works to capture those potential buyers by creating a dedicated website for each listing. These websites encourage social sharing, letting users share your listing on their social networks with a simple click of the mouse!


Amy's online listing presence is further complemented by multiple regional and global sites (Zillow,, etc).

Custom Domains


After the listing documents are signed a photography session is scheduled for the property. High-end, quality photos are produced by Amy's photography team that professionally showcase the home's unique character. These photos are used throughout the marketing process and are the single most important contributor to selling your home.


During every photography sessionAmy's team works diligently to assure that each room is well lit and clutter-free. Tissue boxes, rugs, and garbage receptacles are removed as well as personal hygiene items to make the room look as if it was straight out of a home decorating magazine! The emptier the space the bigger it looks, and bigger sells.

Professional Photography

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Amy regularly utilizes brochures, mailers, and flyers that are informational, buzz-generating and help to build urgency. For example, The flyer below illustrates that not only are the three homes reduced in price but that they are all Ward 1 (near the beach) short-term rental certified, an excellent selling point for second home buyers and rental investment owners. These well-received flyers were printed and distributed to every local real estate agency, maximizing the listing's exposure and telling the buyers' agents that the sellers are ready to negotiate!

Printed Materials


Buyers are doing more than just googling a few keywords to find their dream home these days, they are using hashtags, social media feeds, and video searches. Amy is ever-vigilant online working to nurture interest for her listed properties. By using targeted ads and posts she makes sure the right buyers can find their dream home fast. Friends and family are now able to share in the house hunt by tagging, messaging, or sharing it directly with the buyer. 


Did you know that you can use up to 30 hashtags in one post? Amy strategically uses hashtags to direct her posts, inviting interested people into the conversation. #PureMichigan #HomeForSale #BeachHouse #LakeshoresFinest #RealtorForLife

Social Media