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Yard Sign

I've revolutionized the traditional yard sign into a tech-savvy, enticing beacon that beckons potential buyers! This innovative sign offers every neighbor, boater, or passerby instant access to all the essential details for a quick sale. Users can simply text and swiftly obtain comprehensive information about the property through a special rider on the sign.


Drone Photography

and Video

Certain properties gain advantages from drone photography and video, serving to exhibit both the home and its surrounding property, generating naturally striking and compelling visuals. These images have demonstrated a high level of effectiveness in drawing in potential buyers. By emphasizing key selling points such as landscaping, pools, or nearby amenities like a public beach or playground, it aids in captivating buyers, precisely illustrating why your home is the ideal fit for them.



Real estate magazines stand out as one of the most potent methods I utilize to reach a dedicated audience of potential clients. Although social media offers abundant resources and networking possibilities, it lacks the laser-focused content approach that real estate magazines provide for both buyers and investors.


Custom Domains

As buyers increasingly invest their time online rather than browsing local newspaper listings, I focus on capturing these potential buyers by establishing individualized websites for each listing. These dedicated websites promote social sharing, enabling users to effortlessly share your listing across their social networks with just a click!


Furthermore, my online listing presence is strengthened by various regional and global platforms (such as Zillow, Trulia,, etc.).

80132_Linden_Hills_13 copy.jpg

Professional Photography

Once the listing documents are signed, we schedule a photography session for the property. Our expert photography team produces top-tier, high-quality photos that impeccably showcase the home's distinct charm. These photos play a pivotal role in the marketing process and are the primary factor in selling your home.


Throughout every photography session, our team meticulously ensures that each room is brightly lit and free of clutter. We remove items like tissue boxes, rugs, and garbage receptacles, as well as personal hygiene products, aiming to present each room akin to a page from a home decorating magazine. The principle is simple: the more minimalist the space, the larger it appears, and larger spaces sell better.


Printed Materials

Regularly, I use brochures, mailers, and flyers that are not only informative but also generate excitement while fostering a sense of urgency. As an example, the brochure provided contains unique, personalized details for each listing, ensuring that buyers take with them the same positive feeling they encountered during their visit to the home.


Social Media

Buyers today go beyond simply searching a few keywords online to find their ideal home—they're delving into hashtags, social media streams, and video searches. My online presence is consistently active, aiming to nurture interest in the properties I have listed. Through targeted ads and posts, I ensure that prospective buyers can swiftly discover their dream home. Additionally, friends and family can now partake in the house-hunting process by tagging, messaging, or directly sharing with the buyer.


Did you know that you can include up to 30 hashtags in a single post? I strategically incorporate hashtags in my posts, inviting interested individuals into the conversation. #PureMichigan #HomeForSale #BeachHouse #LakeshoresFinest #RealtorForLife #SoldByAmyO

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